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Travel Light, Celebrate Big!


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Travel Light, Celebrate Big: Balik Kampung Essentials from Bath & Body Works ​

This Ramadan, as you embark on your joyous journey back home for Balik Kampung, travel light and celebrate big with Bath & Body Works' essential travel companions!

Pack smart with our convenient travel-sized favourites:

  • Your favourite Bath & Body Works fragrances: Indulge in the familiar scents of home, or discover new ones, with our collection of travel-sized body lotions, shower gels, and fine fragrances.
  • Stay fresh on the go: Keep your hands clean and sanitised throughout your travels with our pocket-sized hand sanitisers, infused with nourishing ingredients and delightful scents.
  • Freshen up your car for a pleasant journey: Fill your car with inviting aromas that set the mood for celebration with our car fragrance products.

Travel smart, celebrate in style, and embrace the spirit of Balik Kampung with Bath & Body Works!

Shop our travel-sized collections and Ramadan must-haves today!