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About Hand Creams From Bath & Body Works

We’ve got a tube-full of magic in our Bath & Body Works hand creams! A delicious smelling potion, delivering hydration and mega-moisture, which are pocket-sized to keep tucked away for whenever you need. But hold the applause till we tell you WHY these hand creams are so amazing!

All the best potions start with the right ingredients. Shea butter leaves your hands feeling oh-so-smooth, incredibly moisturized and nourished in a snap. Plus, it melts and absorbs into the skin super-fast, so your hands won’t feel heavy or greasy. While shea butter works its magic, vitamin E hydrates your hands, creating a healthy and protective glow.

And the icing on the cake is of course the FRAGRANCES! Our hand creams come in all of the classic scents you know and love, plus a ton of new fragrances you haven’t met yet. A floral bouquet, fresh citrus and meadows, freshly baked goods or feisty spice, we bet you’ll be so addicted to our hand creams, you’ll be reapplying throughout the day just to take a sniff. You never know when you could use a little moisture.

Don’t forget to pick out a matching fine fragrance mist or body lotion to keep you smelling fresh and beautiful all day long. And a great friends get matching hand creams for their best girlfriends too!