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Bath Fizzies & Bubble Bath

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Bath Fizzies & Bubble from Bath & Body Works

Did someone say at-home-spa-day? We’re in! Break out the wine and podcast, run a bath and get ready for a night of pampering. Treat yourself to our luxurious bubble bath and bath fizzies, designed to get you in the right mood.

What’s a bath fizzy? So glad you asked: our version of a bath bomb, jam-packed with amazing fragrances, essential oils, fizzing agents (making it bubble like a potion) and shea to get you moisturized.

Fizz? Foam? Fun? Check, check, check! Just fil up your bathtub, put the fizzie below the faucet and watch it fizz away and turn your water with color and fun! But don’t worry, the color won’t stain your skin.

Something a little more relaxing? a bottle of our luxe bubble bath and soak away the bad day. Our candles also go perfectly to help you relax and de-stress.