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White Barn Shop from Bath & Body Works

Bring home fragrance with a touch of elegance. The White Barn Shop is the place for beautifully fragrant (and gorgeous) candles, hand soaps, plug-in air fresheners and more.

Our 3-Wick Candles (in each and every sophisticated White Barn fragrance) are the absolute best for a reason – well, four reasons:

  • Made with essential oils
  • Beautiful room-filling fragrances
  • Amazing quality from beginning to end

Another reason we think you’ll love White Barn candles? They come in so many gorgeous designs and a rainbow of colors to fit (or enhance!) literally any space and style. And don’t miss out of getting a decorative candle holder to go with it!

Did you know you can keep your home smelling incredible everyday without any effort? Well, now you can with our Wallflower refills. Don’t let the name fool you, this scented-oil refill, when used with a Bath & Body Works Wallflowers plug, will help keep your room smelling and feeling fresh for weeks. Imagine coming home, opening your door and being greeted by your favorite fragrance or maybe on of our season favorites… there’s nothing more comforting and welcoming, especially after a long day of being a queen! Last minute guests? Room sprays! In just two quick bursts, and that tired guest room will be instantly revitalized.

And we don’t want to forget our sudsy creations from White Barn – our soaps! The gentle foaming hand soaps comes in every fragrance you’d ever want and of course, loaded with vitamin E, shea extract and allow – promising amazing smelling and clean hands.

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