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Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works

Can a soap really exfoliate, smooth and clean your hands? This one can. Meet a sink-side overachiever: our deep cleansing hand soaps.

They cleanse and gently buff skin for soft, conditioned hands with tiny exfoliating pearls and good-for-you ingredients. A bubbly blend of your favorite fragrances, vitamin E, natural essential oils, shea extract and aloe – it’s a great soap to have on hand. Keep one (or two) tucked in the cabinet for those days when your skin needs some extra moisture and conditioning. Ex: after working in the yard, during winter, basically whenever you need a boost.

Look to the rest of our collection for hand soaps you can use for any occasion, like our fluffy nourishing hand soap. P.S. they come in a ton of fragrances.) For hands that need just a bit more moisture…check out our different kinds of super-hydrating ourishing hand soap. And don’t forget to wash 20 seconds and say goodbye to germs.