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Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works

We understand that candles aren’t for everybody. Maybe you prefer something you can just set it and forget it. Well, we have just the thing - Bath & Body Works Wallflower air freshener, of course!

Easy to use and packs a punch of fragrance, there are so many scents to choose from! From fresh to floral, woodsy to fruity, there’s a scented plug-in for every mood. Take a trip down to the beach with an ocean scent or calm down after a long day with something musky and floral. Basically, you set the tone for your mood. Bonus: thanks to our blend of scented essential oils, these Wallflowers even eliminate unwanted odor.

Here comes the fun part (it’s all fun though, really): find your Wallflowers plug – our version of a diffuser. Select one that matches your décor, fits the season or completely stands out. Not only are these fragrance plugs gorgeous to look at, but some also even have a built-in night light (perfect for midnight snack runs). And if you’re stuck choosing between two of your favorite refills, don’t overthink it...go for both. Yes, both! The Wallflowers duo plug switches between two fragrances every 48 hours – so you don’t have to compromise or fall victim to fragrance fatigue. Now you’ve got all the right ingredients to turn on the happy, all you have to do now is plug in and breathe in the goodness! Now every time you walk in the room, you’re greeted with always-on fragrance. Hello, happiness.