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Gentle Gel Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works

Meet one of our new favorite hand soap formulas: gentle gel hand soaps! We love how soft and smooth they leave our hands and bonus points? It’s totally paraben and dye free – so all the gorgeous scents without the harmful chemical – a total win-win.

New product, same fragrances you love. From cult-faves to new seasonal releases, we can wait to surprise you with a wide range of delicious smelling fragrances. So now we’ve got that covered, more benefits!

Looking for other blends of soap to add to your bathrooms and kitchen? Keep dry skin away with a nourishing hand soap. Exfoliate your hands with a deep cleansing hand soap. Go for an icon: our gentle foaming hand soap. Happy hand washing! By the way, we also have plenty of easy-to-carry hand sanitizers…so if you’re away from the sink, you can still keep germs at bay!