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Set the mood, any mood, with Bath & Body Works candles. The right fragrance and a little imagination can instantly turn your home into a wonderland.

And we call them the World’s Best 3-Wick Candles for a reason: These soy-based goodies last for up to 45 hours, giving you (a huge range) of room-filling fragrance from ceiling to your comfy comfy bed. Trust when we say, light up one of these babies when you have guests over and you WILL be the envy of everyone in the room. But never fear, we love to share.

  • Made with essential oils
  • Beautiful room-filling fragrances
  • Amazing quality from beginning to end

Another reason we think you’ll love White Barn candles? They come in so many gorgeous designs and a rainbow of colors to fit (or enhance!) literally any space and style. And don’t miss out of getting a decorative candle holder to go with it!

Why be boring when you can give each room in your home its own personality! Set the tone with a juicy scent for your room, then something breezy fresh for the guestroom. Maybe take a trip down spice road the moment you walk into your kitchen. That’s where our single wick candles come in. Good things come in small packages but don’t let these little tots fool you – they pack a fragrance punch, and help you boost your mood.

Speaking of moods, perk yours right up after a long day with aromatherapy candles that comes in your favorite scent and guaranteed to make you feel relaxed, happy and ready to curl up with a glass of wine and your favorite TV show.

We don’t have to tell a great friend like you, but you do know our candles make, like, the best gift... right? No, well don’t fret, we’ve got a candle for every occasion! We bet they’d love it even more if you got them a candle holder or accessory to throw in to go with the already perfect gift!