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Men's Grooming

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Men's Grooming

It’s about time you put your fresh face forward! That’s right—the Men’s Shop has been the spot for all things body care and now you can take that care up a notch with our latest dermatologist tested face lotion for men, beard wash and more. So, let’s get down to the prep, wash and fresh of it all.

First thing’s first, let’s get cleansing! When it comes to men’s face wash, our Daily Face Wash has countless benefits. Wash away dirt and oil while leaving your skin feeling fresh and restored.

From there, bringing even more moisture back to your skin is essential. And when we say moisture, we mean non-greasy, lightweight and infused with hyaluronic acid because when you ask for soft, healthy-looking skin, we deliver. Hello, Hydrating Face Cream! Consider it the cream of the crop.

And to top it all off, we’ve got beard products that check all your self-care boxes. Our Beard & Scruff Cream with shea butter nourishes facial hair and leaves skin feeling soothed. Along with the help of our coconut oil and vitamin E infused Beard Oil which keeps your beard feeling soft and smelling fresh! Put them together and you’ve got your own personalized beard grooming kit.

Take care. Treat yourself. Be your own self-care hero at the Men’s Shop.