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New Body Care from Bath & Body Works

What’s good? Everything! But right here, you’ll find the latest releases, seasonal fragrances (which you shouldn’t miss) and the newest and bestest from Bath and Body Works!

We can’t go on ENOUGH about the fragrances. We’re always busy in the lab, concocting new blends of smells and scents so that we grow with you. But the most exciting thing has to be our seasonal scents! Fragrances for every season and every occasion!

Now that you’ve checked out the newest scents (and hopefully found something you love), it’s time to update your body care routine with the latest goodies.

  • Cleanse: We love a new shower gel or moisturizing body wash to wash away stress and refresh our senses.
  • Moisturize: Next, lock in hydration and get super-soft skin with a body lotion or body cream.
  • Mist: Finish off your routine with a light-as-air fine fragrance mist – a matching scent is always great. Want something for a special occasion? Try a perfume, only available in our most luxurious scents.
  • Repeat: And that’s it! Three simple and easy steps to smelling great all day.

Looking for a little more? Check out the body scrubs – Dead skin and bad vibes be gone! And a bubble bath and a tall glass of wine is always a good idea.