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Nourishing Soaps

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Nourishing Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works

If you’ve got dry hands… just hand cream might not do the trick. A hand soap packed with hydration and moisture is the prefect partner in crime for your new routine!

We’re going to spoil you with not one, but TWO different formulas to choose from. First on the lineup is our creamy luxe hand soap that blended into a smooth and silky concoction of vitamin E, shea butter extract, aloe and essential oils and of course, our world-famous fragrances! Match your scent with your mood every time you wash your hands.

And wait, there’s more! Let’s welcome the latest addition to the family: our gentle gel hand soaps! They’re super fragrant, made without parabens or dyes and the rich, non-drying formula leaves your hands soft and smooth while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Good for you, this hand soap will never disappoint you!

And don’t forget to check out our other hand soaps. For hands that need a little extra TLC: check out our exfoliating, deep cleansing hand soap. For the soap that adds some fun to the sink: explore our (literally iconic) gentle foaming hand soap. Each type of soap is perfect in its own unique way…but when it comes to fighting germs, they’re all champions. Happy handwashing!