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Gifts for Her from Bath & Body Works

Hi, and welcome to the help section of this website, where we’ll help you find the perfect gift for her – whoever she is. Mother, teacher, sister, girlfriend or wife, every queen deserves her flowers and some sweet smelling goodness!

You can’t go wrong with a candle. Whatever the occasion, candles can help set a mood. Literally, any mood. Just choose from the over 50 scents we have and show her how well you know what she loves. Add a gorgeous candle holder, and it instantly becomes something she’d want to show off.

If she loves smelling good and trying our new fragrances, introduce her to our fine fragrance mist. This conditioning aloe mist is super light and refreshing and perfect for everyday but if you want to spoil her some more, try going down the eau de perfume route. These luxury in a bottle contains our best fragrances available, so choose one to be her new signature scent, And gorgeous bottles, perfect fir displaying. She’ll spritz and smile every day!

Looking for more great ideas, especially for Mother’s Day? Explore body care: lotions and creams and scrubs. Oh no we almost forgot to mention the bath fizzies, bubble bath, shower gels and moisturizing body wash... We’d go on all day about our range.

Girly and glam. Chic and classic. Fun and fresh. Whatever your style, we’ve got the fragrance holder to match. Plus, with built-in clips, you can attach them to your air vent to waft your favorite scents quickly, or on your visor or seat pocket.