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A guide to help you immerse your home with enticing scents for a truly captivating celebration.

Here's everything you need...


To fill your room with long-lasting fragrance and set the right mood while also adding a touch of beauty to your décor. Our candles are specially formulated with fragrance wax blend infused with natural essential oils and lead-free wicks.

Room Sprays

That instantly freshen a room in your home with your favourite fragrance for up to two hours. Just two easy sprays for an immediate transformation of your surroundings so keep one nearby for whenever you need a quick spritz!

Wallflowers Fragrance Plugs & Refills

For always-on fragrance made with natural essential oil that lasts for up to 30 days. A plug-in air freshener that keeps your living spaces smelling effortlessly delightful with diffuser plugs in a variety of designs that can match and enhance any home décor.

Hand Soaps

To gently cleanse and moisturise your skin with luxurious foam and enchanting fragrance. All our hand soaps are formulated with natural essential oils, vitamin E, shea extract and aloe without dyes, parabens or sulfates.


And to help you choose the ideal scent, here's our recommendation for this year's festivities...


Luminous for aroma that's sparkling and radiant thanks to its blend of vetiver and vanilla.

Champagne Toast which offers a sweet, fruity scent derived from a mixture of bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine.

A Thousand Wishes that soothes and warms the heart with its combination of pink prosecco, crystal peonies and amaretto crème.

Japanese Cherry Blossom for a classic, feminine fragrance that is made from an infusion of Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear and sandalwood.

As you can see, creating the best atmosphere for your home is easy with Bath & Body Works. Our selection of home fragrances, candles and hand soaps are all you need to enrich your experience, elevate your senses and liven up your celebrations this Chinese New Year.