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Global Handwashing Day: The Sneaky Adventure of Germs

Germs are everywhere, hiding in plain sight and always ready to jump aboard! This is where handwashing comes in handy (notice the pun?).

Handwashing is often touted as one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of germs and illnesses. In the wake of the global health challenges and with the commemoration of Global Handwashing Day, we take a moment to emphasise its importance, and how Bath & Body Works can be your partner in this daily ritual.


Show Germs the Door

Ready to give germs the boot? Here are some times when you really should be washing up:

  • Before eating:

    You wouldn't eat with dirty utensils, right? Think of your hands the same way before digging into that sandwich.

  • Playing doctor at home:

    If you're taking care of someone not feeling their best, wash up your hands before and after. It's good for you and them.

  • Post-bathroom:

    After any trip to the restroom, a good handwash is basically a must. It's just the unwritten rule.

  • After the sneezes and coughs:

    Had a little sneeze or cough? A quick rinse keeps things fresh.

  • Pet time:

    After playing with Mr. Whiskers or feeding your pet fish, it's a good idea to freshen up.

Just remember, it's not about being paranoid – it's just about being smart. And hey, a good handwash can feel pretty refreshing, right?

The Right Way to Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is a skill and it’s imperative you get it right to make sure those germs back off. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure you're doing it effectively:

  1. Begin with water:

    Start by wetting your hands with clean, running water. Following this, turn off the tap and apply soap.

  2. Lather up:

    Generate a good lather by rubbing your hands together. Ensure you cover the back of your hands, between fingers, and underneath nails.

  3. Duration matters:

    Spend at least 20 seconds scrubbing. If you need a timer, hum the "Happy Birthday" song twice.

  4. Rinsing:

    Ensure all the soap is washed off by using clean, running water.

  5. Drying off:

    Complete the process by drying your hands using a clean towel or air dryer.

From Routine to Ritual: Handwashing with Bath & Body Works

Of course, with handwashing, it’s also about the product. With Bath & Body Works, not only do you cleanse your hands, but you also treat them to a luxurious experience. Here are some of our distinguished hand soap types:

  1. Gentle Foaming Hand Soap:

    Dive into the bubbly pleasure of our iconic hand soap. Let the bubbles from the White Barn Collection like Black Cherry Merlot and Mahogany Teakwood envelop your hands in aromatic luxury. Your skin will feel cleansed while retaining its natural moisture.

  2. Gel Soap:

    Our smooth, paraben-free, and dye-free gel soap promises not just cleanliness but a sensory journey. The Signature scents such as Japanese Cherry Blossom and Warm Vanilla Sugar will elevate your handwashing ritual, making it an experience to love.

  3. Deep Cleansing Soap:

    A deeper cleanse with a bubbly touch. Infused with exfoliating pearls, this soap refreshes your hands like no other. Don't forget to indulge in the calming aura of our Aromatherapy scent, Lavender Vanilla, which transforms every handwash into a spa-like escape.

From Routine to Ritual: Handwashing with Bath & Body Works

Handwashing might seem like a simple task, but with the right products, it can transform from routine to ritual. At Bath & Body Works, it's not just about getting those hands clean - it's about bringing the experience, delighting the senses, and giving your hands the luxury they deserve.


This Global Handwashing Day, let's pledge to keep our hands clean and our health intact. And when you think of giving your hands the care they deserve, remember that Bath & Body Works is here to give you the best experience.