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​Ahh, home sweet home (office ideas).

Since we’re all spending a lot more time at home, especially working from home, it’s easy for the space you spend a lot of time in to feel bland or stale gradually…that’s where we come in. Whether you want to get cozy, focus on your work or just keep it smelling fresh – these hacks will get your office exactly the way you want it.

  1. Keep candles handy

    Candles can instantly change a room’s mood and that’s why they’re number one on our list. In the morning, light something citrusy or latte-based for a pop of energy. The afternoon: a happy floral for during your meetings. And as an evening treat, try something sweet to help set a creative atmosphere (hello, Champagne Apple & Honey). Pro tip: You’ll want to consider the colour of the candle, too. Did you know colours can help you achieve a specific mood? For example, blue have been linked to productivity while green is said to be more calming & relaxing for the eyes.

  2. Get a room spray for after lunch

    Everyone loves a good food break, but not when it sticks around for hours after you’re done eating. Concentrated room sprays are exactly what you need – in a few short bursts lunch is gone and fragrance is in. For total freshness, you may want to try a light scent like Lavender & Linen or Midnight Blue Citrus.

  3. Introduce the great outdoors to the indoors

    Nothing gets our creative going like a walk outside – so you should should consider incorporating some greenery into your home office. Of course, we recommend thinking about how much nature you want to add before you start shopping. More of a lowkey nature lover? Look for a rustic candle holder or Wallflowers fragrance plug. Wanting an entire nature overhaul? The woodsy scents section is a great place to start. P.S. If you’re new to outdoorsy fragrances: dig deep into our Earthy Scents Trend Alert.

  4. Stash a hand cream at the desk

    Handwashing. Dry air. Constant typing. Household chores. You get it. A couple hand creams laying around can’t ever be a bad thing – especially since their hydrating ingredients (looking at you, shea butter and vitamin E) as it absorbs quicky. Toss one in your desk drawer, on the bookshelf and in the cabinet storage area for restocks once you’ve run out.

  5. Create an ambient background

    Wallflowers fragrance refills and plugs will always have your back. They last for weeks and weeks so it’ll always smell nice effortlessly when you come in for work in the morning. Bonus tip: We’re constantly changing up our fragrance selection, so hop onto our new arrivals whenever you need to buy some new ones.

  6. Upcycle and keep the desk clean

    Done burning one of those candles we mentioned a little earlier? Don’t toss it – upcycle it into a desk organizer – think stationery holder or handphone holder or planter! We’d call this space-saving hack as big of a win as No-Meeting Friday. You may find even more than one way to spruce up the place!

  7. Wear a fragrance like no one’s watching (or smelling)

    Just because we’re staying indoors a lot more nowadays, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and your senses. A splash of fragrance can even improve your mood or act as a pick-me-up – and no scent is better at that than Gingham. It’s bright, happy, and full of plenty of optimism to get you through the workday. .